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Onyx Vocal Lessons

The Onyx Soundlab offers vocal lessons that are custom tailored to the needs of each individual singer. Our voice students range from R&B to Opera, Pop to Rock, and everything in between.

Breath control, strength, vocal tone, and a unique vocal style are cultivated in our studio.

All vocal lessons are one hour and are conducted in the studio control room with a vocal producer who has worked with many major recording artists.


Introduction to Vocals - Six Lesssons
Level 1 - 12 Lessons
Level 2 - 24 Lessons
Level 3 - 48 Lessons
Level 4 - 96 Lessons


To schedule your vocal lessons call 860-436-4581.





Located in Manchester CT, the Onyx Soundlab is only 5 minutes from Hartford and is conveniently located just off I-84.


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