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With an overwhelming amount of advertising, media and branding in todays marketplace,  it is more and more challenging for a company to stand out and stay ahead of the competition. Cable companies, radio stations, and online websites are all in one industry....advertising; and it is challenging for them to create a visual/audio production that is truly unique to your needs.

We are a creative production studio and the film & media department of the Onyx Soundlab has been created by producers with a desire to offer something different to companies and small businesses looking for a custom edge with their television, radio, or online media commercial.

With our creative production team, experienced camera team, state of the art equipment, and full studio, your production no longer has to be the prepackaged commercial that cable and radio companies often provide.  We will partner with you to think out-of-the-box and create something that will effectively drive business to your company.

In beginning the process, we will review your entire company, brand, and marketing, and work with you to produce a television commercial, radio commercial, online video, or any other video-audio production you need to bring your business to the next level.  

With extensive contacts in the television industry in Connecticut and New England, we can also create a custom advertising package that fits your budget at a price that maximizes your market exposure.

Our producers have worked with many small businesses throughout Connecticut as well as many big companies such as the History Channel, Universal Studios, Microsoft, and Dell.  With diverse backgrounds and experience our well rounded team can produce your vision, or help create a production that is powerfully different from the rest.


Television Production Services

We can provide the following to make the commercial production process run smoothly, effectively, not to mention fun!:

  • Commercial Writing
  • Concept & Commercial Development
  • Talent Casting
  • Management and Recording of Voice-Overs
  • Management of film / video crews / photographers
  • Recording (On-Location and Studio)
  • Sound Design / Music Production / Sound Effect Development
  • Mixing and Mastering
  • Media Marketing Cosulting
  • Score Composing
  • Voice/Personality Casting
  • Sound Design & Reinforcement
  • Original Music Production
  • Voice Over Dubbing




Radio Commercial Production & Recording Services

One of the option for media advertising is radio. We can help create custom songs or commercials to promote your business through radio. These catchy, unique radio and web spots are known as "Jingles" and involve producing original music, as well as composing and recording a custom commercial spot.

We work with many well known vocalists & producers and are eager to help you take your melody or catchy idea and turn it into a reality.

Because we also have relationships with many radio stations, we can help you arrange to air your spot after recording, and will even work with you and a radio station sales executive to ensure it will reach your customer base.

What makes us so unique?

Our team of producers has extensive experience in marketing, the music industry, television and film.  It is not often that producers with all these specialized talents are able to combine into one studio; this allows us to create modern, innovative media that will effectively reach your desired market in a unique way.

Goal Oriented

Our goal is to create long-term relationships and help our clients achieve their goals. Our energies are entirely client-driven and from the very beginning we creatively build on your objectives.

Unparelled Service

Our reputation as a studio is widly known throughout Connecticut and the country.  It is our mission to provide unparelled customer service at every stage of the production process. We will guide you through every step to make sure your decisions fit in line with your desired results and view our relationship as a production partnership.

Creative Market Trends

We stay current on key trends, issues and research.  We have a firm grasp as to what messages will strike the people today and endeavor to package that message in a powerful, unique production.


We develop strong, long term relationships with our clients by being honest and consistently delivering by doing exactly what we say we will do. 


We also have a network of production facilities and producers around the world that we work with for international projects, or to cater your project to a foreign market. Please contact us to discuss your project in more detail.



Every production design package is custom created to fill your specific needs. Please call to arrange for a custom quote for your project.

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Located in Manchester CT, the Onyx Soundlab is only 5 minutes from Hartford and is conveniently located just off I-84.


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