Connecticut Recording Studio Opens Studio Experience Program

February 10, 2008-

Manchester, CT –  The Onyx Soundlab recording studio has launched a program to allow aspiring audio engineers, music producers, songwriters, and voice actors in Connecticut to experience the recording studio.  Named The Onyx Soundlab Studio Experience; the program will run along side and incorporate the daily projects in the recording studio which have included The Pussy Cat Dolls, Latavia Roberson (Destiny’s Child), the History Channel, Universal Studios, Dell, and others.

It is currently the only recording and music program in Connecticut where students are learning one on one with studio producers and gain the experience of working on actual projects in a working recording studio.

“There are almost no options for people in Connecticut looking to get into the music and entertainment industries.  Connecticut has a burgeoning music and film scene and we feel this is a great time to give Connecticut residents the opportunity to get into the business without having to leave the state,” says co-owner and producer Peter Kowalczyk.  

The studio is accepting ten entrants per year, per program and program lengths run from 3 months to two years.  Students will have the opportunity to work on major record label projects as well as independent projects.  
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