Companies Team Up To Draw Major Film and Music Projects To Connecticut

February 2, 2009 –

(Manchester, CT)  Two of Connecticut’s leading entertainment companies have teamed up to enhance the music and video production services available in the state of Connecticut. Manchester’s Onyx Soundlab recording studio and Rocky Hill’s Synthetic Cinemas International movie production studio have partnered to create movies written, filmed, and scored in Connecticut.

Synthetic Cinema International is the only independent film company in Connecticut that has overseas distribution deals that places their films in theatres, broadcast and cable television, as well as major home video retailers around the globe. 

The Onyx Soundlab is a music recording and production studio that has produced music for a wide range of clients, including both major recording artists and local talent. Onyx also works regularly with film and television companies on recording and production projects.

Connecticut has proved to be a winning location for both companies. Synthetic shoots almost exclusively in the state, and Onyx Soundlab’s national and international clients have found Connecticut to be a discreet and convenient alternative to the hustle-and-bustle of New York and L.A.

The partnership of the two companies is perfectly in line with Connecticut’s efforts to encourage media and entertainment ventures to come to the state and utilize Connecticut resources. Both Onyx and Synthetic, having worked with major players in the industry, are perfectly poised to add to Connecticut’s popularity in these areas.

Onyx and Synthetic’s collaboration will also provide Connecticut businesses small and large with a Connecticut-based, one-stop solution for all their video, media and music needs. Local and national artists will also benefit by having these services at their disposal.

The team’s first project will be the production of a music video to promote Synthetic’s upcoming release, Sasquatch Assault, a horror film that is slated for international distribution later this year. The MTV-quality video will be shot in a Hartford nightclub this March and will feature local hip-hop artists and dancers alongside “The Sasquatch.”

The video will be used as a promotional tool and is expected to create an internet buzz when posted on a variety of underground and popular film websites, including, of course, youtube. It will also be included as a bonus feature on the DVD.


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