University of Connecticut Record Label To Release First Album

March 2, 2007–

(Manchester, CT)  The University of Connecticut’s new record label, Husky Entertainment, is teaming up with the Onyx Soundlab, a Connecticut recording studio, to record and produce their first professionally recorded album.  The project will be receiving personal attention from studio owners and Connecticut record producers Adam Gootkin and Peter Kowalczyk.

The producers were approached by label CEO Brandon Cardwell, seeking to create a high quality, professional album for their 2007 release.  The label is entirely student run, allowing students with a serious interest in the music industry to take on real record label positions and run the organization as a profitable company.  The label's mission is to find and promote UConn student artists from different music genres. 

In late 2006 the label signed Mike Horn, Husky Entertainment's first signed artist at the UConn Storrs campus.  Horn is originally from Queens, NY and is a senior at the University of Connecticut.

The Onyx Soundlab is a full recording and production studio located in Manchester, Connecticut.  The studio has worked with platinum selling recording artists as well as many independent artists from Connecticut. 

The album release date is set for April 25th, 2007.  Please visit: and for more information.   




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