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Most aspiring musicians do not have massive budgets. Professional recording is the first step that seperates serious musicians, from those that embrace their talent as a hobby. We believe each client has completely different needs, and pride ourselves on creating custom packages that fit our client's budget to allow them to accomplish their goals.

It is a challenge to put together a pricing package that works without having a complete understanding of your project, your goals, and a specific knowledge of what you are looking for. After we have that information, we can compose a custom rate package just for you.

Therefore, we urge you to contact us at so we can arrange a meeting, and studio tour.

We are often running specials, pricing packages, and other incentives, so feel free to call us to inquire.


Give us a call at 860-436-4581 to discuss your project!



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Located in Manchester CT, the Onyx Soundlab is only 5 minutes from Hartford and is conveniently located just off I-84.


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